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Google Cloud Platform Overview

Google Cloud Platform allows your organisation to future-proof your company for scalable growth, reducing operational cost, rapidly analyse large datasets, and gain access to machine learning plaforms and tools. Your ability to work with a high tech toolkit has never been easier.  At OniGroup, we help you leverage the full capability of GCP and discover unique use cases in your business by mobing your infrastructure to the cloud to let your IT team do what they do best. With the most robust cloud offerings available, there is no better time to go Google. Contact OniGroup to see how you can utilise these tools in your team.

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Strategy and Managment

Adoption of cloud technology is a dynamic transition for an organisation. OniGroup specialises in helping our clients recognise those areas of maximum impact and develop a multi-phased approach to best conduct a Google Cloud Platform roll-out. 

Innovation Labs

OniGroup has a team of certified Google Cloud technology experts that are able to assist with understanding how the cloud can bring about innovaiton within the organisation. With the breadth of different cloud services and applications available on GCP, OniGroup's innovation workshops will help you identify, understand and prioritise key use cases for your business.

Customer Success Program

Our best practice Account Management methodologies ensure we provide value at every stage of your Cloud implementation. OniGroup’s Account Managers will optimise and enrich your solution by providing technical support, and consultative workshops to leverage Google's technology to the fullest extent. 


Speed to Market

Improved speed to market gives you the competitive advantage to innovate and create new products, process and application. Rather than investing time and resources in operations, leverage Google’s Cloud Platform to create a more flexible and dynamic environment.

Adaptive Scaling

Google Cloud provides the flexible computing power when and wherever required by you. Adaptive scaling allows your organisation to be proactive when it comes to supporting projects and applications, with the flexibility to increase and leverage more infrastructure during peak periods.

Data Insights

Utilise Google Cloud to analyse your data from start to finish. Ability to manage and cleanse your data in the cloud so that advanced data analysis models can be run to produce new insights to improve the way you run your business. 

Google Cloud

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