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Address Validation

By using Google’s comprehensive self-maintained and up-to-date points of interests, business listings and address database, you can enhance and cross-reference your existing location database. It can also be used to drive an intuitive address input interface to minimise errors. These two elements combined can have significant impact and ROI through minimising the down-stream effects of incorrect addresses such as failed deliveries.

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Increased Speed of Search


Vastly increase the speed of searching for complete addresses through automatic suggestions based on initial keystrokes. This will effectively increase data accuracy and customer satisfaction through increased ease and functionality for a higher completion rate.

Improve Marketing Success


By ensuring all addresses are accurate and complete your marketing team can have peace of mind that all mail delivery campaigns will be hitting their target market and can be accurately visualised on a map.

Reduce Maintenance


Save time and money on constantly trying to update your own internal address data by allowing Google to do the hard work for you. Google has their own teams who are continuously making changes and updates to their own address data so you don’t have to.


Address Suggestions


A drop-down menu will appear with a list of suggested complete addresses which will continue to become more refined with each individual keystroke. This feature can be enabled across all online order forms as well as address look up for internal applications, saving time for both customers and employees while increasing accuracy and consistency of data.

Complete Address Data Set


Leverage Google’s comprehensive database of addresses which is regularly updated by the public and maintained by Google with over 10,000 updates made every hour. This means you can effectively outsource the responsibility of updating and cleansing all your internal address data to Google.

Single Line Address


The Address Validation solution allows you to populate order forms with one single line for all address entries. As users enter an address they will be provided with a list of suggested addresses straight from the Google Address Database. Once an address has been selected this can be displayed as one single line complete address to reduce order form size and completion time.

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