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As customer’s expectations and behaviour continually evolve, it is critical for organisations to remain nimble by understanding these changes resulting in modifications to their websites as quickly and effectively as possible. Google Analytics allows you to track all the movements and interactions that users have with your website, with reports ranging from what they search for, to how long they spend looking at each page. The level of detail and analysis offered by the Google Analytics reports is incredibly useful for data driven decision making. An increasing number of OniGroup customers are leveraging Google Analytics beyond just the website to fully understand how users interact with both mapping and search applications to measure the difference it makes on overall user engagement.

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Many decision makers will have fixed ideas about the goals for their website. However, the critical piece that our consultants can provide is the definition and measurement of these goals so that data driven decisions can be made. More importantly, we will provide a series of feasible recommendations that can be implemented to drive enhancements.

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Customer Success Program

Our Customer Success Program ensures that OniGroup provides value at every stage of your Analytics Solution. OniGroup’s Account Managers will optimise and enrich your solution by providing technical support, consultative workshops in conjunction with Google to leverage Google's technology to the fullest extent.

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Website Analytics


The traditional and most popular use case is deploying Google Analytics on your website. Google Analytics reporting will allow you to determine the features or applications on your website which are being under-utilised. Decision makers will then be able to start adjusting the design and layout of these features and monitor the user response to drive the next round of interactions.

Website Analytics Solution

Application Analytics


Google Analytics is being increasingly used to monitor how applications are being used both within in and outside an organisation. This is especially useful in combination with other Google technologies such as Google Maps and the Google Search Appliance to measure real statistics in order to drive the next evolution within these applications.

Application Analytics Solution

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