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Businesses can leverage the power of Google Analytics through OniGroup beyond that of its customary use case on the website. This can be deployed onto applications such as Google Maps and the Google Search Appliance to help drive decisions similar to that of the website, but also to assist in determining the Return On Investment of each particular application.

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Improved Usage


Through our data-driven recommendations and decision methodology the key focus is how to engage users so that they continually return to the application. This is key whether the application is customer facing or for internal use only. Continual use is a key indicator for the value and ease of use that the application brings to an organisation and any key changes are measured against this metric.

Return On Investment


Through increased usage and defined goals for each application, a dollar value can be prescribed against each element. These can then be leveraged to determine the Return On Investment for the application including incidental costs such as support queries. The metrics for these will differ based on the use case of the application but may be something as simple as the number of successful search queries which did not result in a support query.

Data Driven Decisions


The goal of all websites is for an optimal user experience. The benefit of analytics based reporting is limited to the knowledge and understanding of the decision maker. OniGroup’s consulting team run regular optimisation sessions with our clients to provide data-based recommendations for website improvements in order to drive continuous enhancements.


Definition and measurement


One of the keys to any successful engagement is being able to define and determine measurement techniques for the goals of your organisation. This is the founding blocks for a successful implementation and considerable time is spent with the decision makers in order to define the key criteria.



OniGroup is experienced in the implementation of Google Analytics onto your website including understanding the intricacies that impact upon how we go about this. More importantly, our flexible engagement model allows us to also team with your existing IT professionals to provide guidance on best practices.



OniGroup’s trusted and experienced Analytics consultants understand that decision makers often don’t have the time to fully drill into raw data. Through our consultative approach, OniGroup will develop a series of easy-to-understand yet powerful dashboards for decision makers to understand the efficacy of their website for users at a single glance.

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