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Asset Tracking

It can be difficult to visualise an entire fleet of mobile assets on a spreadsheet as their locations are constantly changing. The Asset Tracking solution creates a snapshot of the entire asset fleet in real time and visualises them on Google Maps; eliminating the need to constantly refresh in order to update changing locations. Asset Tracking is great feature that can also be developed as part of a mobile platform solution. This allows mobile workers to track assets and be tracked by administrators in real time. This creates additional transparency for administrators who can see the location and history of assets and schedule jobs or issue updates based on location proximity. This results in an optimised workforce with increased productivity.

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Increase Transparency


Administrators have the ability to monitor and coordinate an entire fleet of assets. When something goes wrong you need to be able to react quickly and notify the right people in the field to reduce the risk of a delay. This delay can be visualised immediately and the customer can be notified, or a different employee can be re-routed to a site.

Customise Your Schedule


Employees will have the power to view the location of all their daily tasks in the field and better manage their schedule on the go. Instead of having to make constant calls to request new information from the office, employees will be able to see all vital information on their mobile device.

Optimise Delivery Routes


Better organise your delivery routes through access to Google’s own routing tools. Reduce the time and cost of deliveries by plotting all of the locations on a map which can then be used to calculate the quickest and most fuel efficient route to take while automating the scheduling process.


Historical Reporting


Google lets you analyse historical GPS breadcrumb trails for each asset. Use this information as an optmisation tool to increase transparency and avoid past obstacles while decreasing fuel consumption for future trips.

Create Proximity Alerts


Create alerts for administrators when mobile assets deviate from their predicted route; or reach out to users that are entering specified zones. This is particularly useful when issuing automatic toll payments or sending targeted messages to customers.

Real-Time Job Notification


Being able to assign and notify the closest employee to a site will greatly reduce travel time and costs. Toll roads can also be planned for and avoided through providing an optimal route from any employee’s location.

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