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The ability to transform and visualise data in different ways alters the user’s perception and allows for faster and easier discoveries of new information. Business Intelligence solutions are designed to help managers make better decisions by allowing them to generate reports and discover new insights from their data. Having a mapping based component is crucial to this exercise as it allows for a unique perspective of analysis and provides a much more memorable and consumable means of data visualisation. Customisable reports and analytics can be performed in conjunction with the Google Maps services in order to analyse your geographic information the way that you want to. Bring a new perspective to your data to change the way your managers work and think.

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Marketing Capabilities


Geographical context can be a crucial component of marketing analysis for decisions regarding which consumer groups to target and work out where certain campaigns are likely to be most successful. By being able to see all the demographic data of your customers on a map, marketing managers will be to quickly see the relevant information of all targeted population groups.

Resource Management


Decisions based on where to best allocate resources across multiple different locations can be challenging and time consuming. The Business Intelligence Solution will provide a quick and easy snapshot of where all current resources are located and then help determine how best to transport them to where they’re most needed.

Speed of Decisions


Competitive forces are constantly requiring businesses to make decisions faster and more accurately. Being able to visualise all relevant information for a business decision on a single map as opposed to a long document or table will greatly reduce the time taken to understand the data and make a decision.


Generate Reports


Reporting on sales and marketing data can be made much easier and more consumable when produced on a map. Instead of wasting time reading lengthy documents, visualise all your decision critical information on a single mapping display. A dynamic map is a more collaborative, shareable and easy to understand tool for geographic analysis.

Customisable Maps


The Business Intelligence Solution allows for a high level of customisability between user groups which can be controlled via an administration panel. The layer and filter features will allow you to draw, design and customise both the background of the map as well as the way the data is displayed on top. Create your own unique solutions that best meet your visual requirements.

Seamless Integration


Existing internal enterprise systems can be improved through integrating the reporting and analysis services with Google Maps technology. Google Maps integrates easily with internal reporting tools and can be a great additional means displaying this information. Make your CRM reports easier to produce and understand through by integration with Google Maps.

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