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OniGroup helps support all their customers throughout the entire lifetime of their Google licenses. The four key components of this life cycle management are: Licensing, Support Account Management and Optimisation. Our expert team will be able to work with your business throughout this life-cycle in order to ensure that your business receives the most value from your Google solution.

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Purchasing a license from Google is the first step in the life-cycle journey for building your own Google Maps for Work or Google Search based solution. All Google Geo and Search licenses must be purchased through a certified Google Partner as Google does not sell directly to clients. The entire license procurement process is handled directly by OniGroup saving time and effort for all customers. OniGroup specialises in providing their clients with the most up-to-date pricing and procurement information straight from Google. OniGroup has built a strong relationship with the Google team which we can leverage to provide our customers with accelerated provisioning of new licenses.

Management and Support


Purchasing a Google Geo license is just the start of the journey to building a unique and valuable solution that meets all the requirements of your business. OniGroup has an experienced Account Management team that assist all clients in progressing through the entire license development life-cycle. Some of the many services that our Account Managers provide to our clients include, potential case studies with Google, invitations to industry related events, providing customers with all updates straight from Google and handling all license renewals. Your Account Manager will also act as the first point of contact for all technical support requests.



The final step in the life cycle journey involves the optimisation of all our client solutions. Our Account Managers and Consultants are available to provide feedback on industry best practices and suggestions for improvements to license implementation to ensure that our customers are getting the most value from their solutions. Through an in-depth understanding of all the Google APIs offered our team will be able to suggest license features that will best suit each customer’s use case. Through an examination of the Google Analytics for Maps and Search, OniGroup consultants and Account Managers will be able to create reports suggesting the best implementation for each client.

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