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Knowledge creation can result from the combination of existing information being interpreted in a unique way which is valuable and relevant to business goals. This process is crucial to building an organisation’s competitive advantage and continuously improving the internal knowledge base that will upskill your workforce and improve adaptability in a constantly changing business environment. The Google Search Appliance can greatly improve the knowledge creation process by ensuring users find the right information they’re searching for. The increased speed and accuracy of search will not only save time but also encourage users to access information already created in order to create new unique knowledge.

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Reduce Security Risk


The Google Search Appliance does not introduce an additional layer of security to documents but will adhere to your current security policies that define which documents should or should not be made available to individual users as dictated by the security on the document. The Google Search Appliance can also be utilised as a tool to assist in a Security Review Process, helping identify documents which are currently publicly available but should not be.

Keyword Analysis Reporting


Analysing keywords and topics that employees are searching for will provide insight into what information your users are trying to access and when users are accessing this information. Through OniGroup's experience, we have found that reporting on search queries that did not return results provides insights to determine knowledge gaps within the organisation. Understanding your employees’ knowledge and information requirements allows your organisation to be proactive in knowledge creation.

Enterprise Adaptability


The creation of new knowledge is a valuable task that contributes towards creating competitive advantage, workforce upskilling and improved adaptability in constantly changing times. However, as organisations continue to produce content on a daily basis, the demands of information management increases as accessing content becomes more difficult and time consuming for the workforce. Enterprise Search enables your users to be productive, innovative, agile and effective in knowledge creation and sharing.


Universal Search


The Google Search Appliance has an extensive Connector Framework architecture that allows it to index varying repositories that may have been inaccessible previously while adhering to existing security protocols. Critically, the Google Search Appliance can return results from all indexed repositories through a single interface eliminating the workload of having to search through each individual repository.

Increased Productivity


Implementing the Google Search Appliance across your data repositories will provide users with fast relevant results which results in reduced search times as well as reducing the secondary impact of users asking others for documents when they are unable to find it themselves. More importantly, it ensures that users do not re-create existing information allowing users to devote their time to value-added tasks.

Knowledge Management


Reduce the knowledge gap internally with Enterprise Search. The ability of your organisation to access current information and data between users will increase and improve knowledge management across your organisation. Search will allow users to search and find information and data to enable them to leverage the current learnings and knowledge captured over time, resulting in increased knowledge generation.

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