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Given that 80% of corporate data has an associated geographic aspect, why are we still representing this via spreadsheets and powerpoint? Representing this information on a map allows users to quickly and easily understand the geographic context of the data, greatly increasing its’ relevancy and value. The online store locator is a simple example of how Google Maps can be used to transform a list of locations into something that is easy to understand and interactive for a customer.


The Google Maps provides a solid platform to build business applications that allow businesses to better interact with customers, optimise use of resources, increase sales and create a collaborative environment to share, visualise and understand your data better than ever before.

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Improved Data Visibility


Google Maps allows you to understand your data in a quick and easy snapshot clearly indicating all the geographically relevant information on a single platform. A wide variety of different location based data sets can all be displayed on the single platform for improved data visibility between functional departments as well as for your customers.

Decreased Training Costs


As most developers and users alike are already well acquainted with Google Maps, there is little need for additional training to utilise the maps. There is also access to a host of online developer documentation with sample codes and suggestions for optimisation of the solution.

Increase Sales Revenue


Increase customer awareness of store locations and driving time through the use of online customer facing google maps applications. Additional information can be added including stock in store and facilities available at each location. The ability to control for advertising allows you to display your store locator in a way that best advertises your business and not your competitors.


Visualise Location Data


Google Maps gives you the ability to upload a wide variety of different data sets on top of the familiar Google base map. There are multiple layering and filtering options allowing the user to display the information in a way that is of most interest to them. All of the layers from are accessible such as transit, bicycle and traffic layers.

Google’s Uptime SLA


The Google Maps API Premium Plan license comes with a 99.9% uptime SLA, as it is ensured by Google’s own internal infrastructure. With the Google guaranteed uptime SLA this will ensure that all your Google Maps applications are supported and protected in case of any unscheduled outages. Google maintains one of the best cloud infrastructures in the world which is used to support all Google Map applications.

Versatility of Use Cases


There are a multitude of use cases for Google Maps either for an external customer facing scenario or for internal applications. The result is an intuitive interface that allows all users to better understand, analyse and interact with the underlying data.

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