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The Google Search Appliance has been engineered with a focus on the end user and a technology base that makes enterprise search simple to deploy, administer and operate.  An appliance-based approach allows for simplified deployment, ease of management and scale to meet current and future capacity for Enterprise search as your content continues to grow.

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Knowledge Productivity


Greatly improved speed of search and relevancy will mean that users will be spending less time trying to find documents and more time engaging with the information and discovering new knowledge. The increased speed of search will also reduce the risk of users giving up on their original quest for a document which would stifle the knowledge creation process and often result in reproducing existing information.

Knowledge Creation


New knowledge can only be created if users are able to access the existing body of knowledge within an organisation. The longer it takes to find relevant content, the less knowledge is created. By providing an effective search mechanism through the Google Search Appliance, you will encourage knowledge creation and more importantly collaboration resulting in unique insights.

Understand Search Intent


There is little benefit in organisations spending significant amounts of marketing budget on SEO and Adwords campaigns to attract customers if customers are unable to find what they are looking for. The Google Search Appliance provides the speed and relevance users expect, allowing you to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions, through understanding how user wish to interact with your website.


Self Learning Scorer


Google understands that relevancy may change over time depending on user expectations and on an evolving corpus of data. The in-built Self-Learning Scorer automatically analyses usage patterns and how users respond to specific links to continuously fine-tune relevancy and scoring of results without the need for administrator intervention.

Connector Framework


OniGroup are able to integrate content previously inaccessible or unsearchable into your Google Enterprise Search solution. Using connectors the Google Search Appliance can perform fast, unified, secure searches across multiple systems and document repositories. OniGroup can interact with a multitude of non-web repositories through Google supported connectors and connectors custom developed by OniGroup.

Search Reporting


The Google Search Appliance is capable of providing analytical reporting, which can help tuning and maintenance. Reports can be retrieved from the Google Search Appliance via the Administration Interface or the API for automation. As part of the OniGroup led optimisation reviews, the key elements of the reports will be analysed for recommendations to enhance the search experience.

Google Cloud

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