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G Suite Overview

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, collaboration is vital for success. G Suite is a fully integrated package of business tools that allows you to share, work together and communicate within your organisation easier than ever before. Intuitive tools such as Gmail, Docs and Drive work seamlessly together to revolutionise business practices while tools, including App Maker, Google+, and Team Drive, facilitate your team's innovation and scale without any infrastructure headaches. At OniGroup, we specialise in migration, change management, innovation consulting and proactive account management to ensure that we drive our clients to success. Contact us and see how we can help you join the millions of companies who have already switched to G Suite.

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Change Management

OniGroup take a proactive approach to change, to ensure that users succesfully adopt G Suite and benefit from going Google. Through our change management strategy we work with our clients to find and develop specific use cases that actively streamline tasks, promote participation and cooperation and maximise employee’s strengths. 

Customer Success Program

Our Customer Success Program supports the ongoing development and utilisation of the G Suite solutions.  This ensures that OniGroup and our clients are aligned to enrich your experience by providing continued support and innovative workshops. Through our account management strategy we will be able to uncover and utilise G Suite to streamline workflows, digitise processes to promote productivity and efficiency.

G Suite Solutions

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing involves the discussion and transfer of tacit skills or experience with other members of the team. This also includes the sharing of explicit information such as internal documents. Improving accessibility knowledge, users are not only able to learn from each other but they are also far more likely to produce new insights for the organisation. 

Organisational Innovation

One effective way for generating new and unique ideas in an organisation is through encouraging collaboration across different departments or teams. This will allow people from different backgrounds with different experiences to share their knowledge and experiences which can often lead to uncovering different perspectives on existing problems or challenges.

Improved Collaboration

Provide advanced communication tools to increase networking and teamwork within your organisation across multiple teams, leading to a more inclusive and cohesive organisational community. Collaboration within teams need to be supported by technology. By providing a robust platform and tools to collaborate, teams will be able to  discuss their ideas, share knowledge and provide feedback beyond the traditional means of communication.

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