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Due to our in-depth experience with the Google Search Appliance, OniGroup has built an extensive series of connectors and applications which provide additional benefits and insights into the user search experience. The Google Search Appliance includes a number of connectors for popular repositories. OniGroup has extended this number of connectors to include other repositories that were previously unable to be indexed and allow our customers to leverage these in their solutions. All connectors have been tested for scalability, security and usability.

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Centralised Solution


By selecting OniGroup you can be certain that all elements of your search solution will be fully supported as we will not use any third-party connectors. In addition, through our best practice architecture recommendations, we will ensure that your solution is a highly available one designed to cater for the requirements of a wide range of users.

Certainty of Deployment


OniGroup’s dependability and reliability as a deployment partner of choice for your search solution has been recognised by Google. In addition, as a Premier Partner, we have access to Google’s technical resources as an additional quality assurance layer. Coupled with our expertise in developing connectors and our own extensive library of custom connectors, we provide certainty of deployment to maximise the value of your investment.

Enhanced User Experience


Utilise OniGroup’s extensive understanding of Analytics and our proprietary technologies such as Page Preview or the Web Application Console to enhance your user’s search experience. This will in turn help with reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates for your website. The enhanced user experience may include items such as personalised search experience and results, integration with Google Maps or reports on the efficacy of each of your web pages.


Proprietary Connectors


OniGroup has built a number of proprietary connectors (TRIM, SharePoint, Objective, JIRA, Confluence etc) to allow the Google Search Appliance to index repositories prev­iously unable to be indexed. These connectors will recognise all metadata and security properties of files within these repositories. By making searching these repositories possible, this improves the knowledge creation process as well as the value of the data within these repositories.

Web Application


OniGroup’s proprietary Web Application allows for fine-grained security control and integration with ACLs to determine administrator access to the Google Search Appliance. In addition, it allows your marketing team to be able to publish keymatches, promotions and images in a safe environment without access to other features of the Google Search Appliance that are more applicable to your technical or business teams.

Page Preview


The Google Search Appliance natively provides Page Preview (provides an image of documents upon hover over of the appropriate link) for a number of standard document formats such as Powerpoint and Word documents. However, as most material on websites is in HTML format, OniGroup have a proprietary Page Preview connector to allow for the display of Page Previews of HTML pages and a number of other formats such as CAD drawings.

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