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OniMap Overview

OniMap is a simple and familiar mapping platform built on Google Maps to enable a seamless creation of dynamic mapping applications. With comprehensive tools to manage your data and users, OniMap’s administration console makes it quick and easy to create and customise map based visual solutions for both internal and external use cases. The intuitive design means that users don’t need to be GIS experts in order to get started creating their own customised maps to solve every day business problems. The use of Google Maps in the design and functionality maintains the level of simplicity and accessibility that users have come to expect from OniMap has become an industry standard for front end map based services such as store locators. Yet, through the use of versatile additional modules the OniMap platform can be customised for much more. This includes business critical solutions such as Address Validation, Location Based Analytics and Mobile Asset Tracking. All core solutions made possible and accessible using OniMap.

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Improved Data Accessibility


The Administration console as part of OniMap makes it simple and easy for administrators to monitor and control who can and cannot access specific data sets. This way, users across multiple departments can all be viewing the same dynamic mapping application for multiple core business uses each with secured levels of access to the organisations data. Thus creating one coherent picture for every users access level throughout the whole organisation.

Flexible Solution


Choose between having OniGroup host your geospatial data in the secure Google Cloud or hosting and maintaining the data yourself. OniMap is designed to best fit the data requirements of each business whether it be through the cloud or as an on premise solution for sensitive internal information.

Scalable Solution


The OniMap solution can be tailored to your specific business requirements ensuring that you only pay for what the business requires. This enables OniMap to grow and evolve as your business does. As use cases develop and the user base grows OniMap has the flexibility to grow with them.


Enterprise Solution


The administrator console allows you to monitor and control who can use the solution and the level of data access across the organisation. Create your own internal maps with integrated data displays from across multiple departments which can be easily shared and accessed on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Google Maps API for Work


Access and utilise all the functionality already available through the Google Maps APIs. Choose from the long list of Google developed APIs that are of most important to the success of your own solution. All the features available from both the Google Maps and Places licenses can be integrated with the OniMap solution.

Data Hosting


OniGroup offers the option to host your business data in the Google Cloud as part of the OniMap solution. This will also allow OniGroup to update and manage this data to ensure that your mapping solutions are always displaying the most up-to-date data available to your business. Alternatively, OniMap can also be hosted on your own infrastructure.

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