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The Google Search Appliance incorporates all of Google's learnings about search behaviour and relevancy algorithms into an Enterprise Search platform that meets user's expectations for an intuitive search experience. Organisations and websites can harness the power of the Google Search Appliance and its features to increase relevancy and improve user and customer satisfaction and adoption.

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OniGroup is solely focused on Google Technologies and through our extensive deployment experience, OniGroup has built a series of proprietary technologies to enable our clients to unlock the power of the Google for Work technologies without the need for extensive custom development.



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Our best practice Account Management methodologies ensure we provide value at every stage of your Enterprise Search Solution. OniGroup’s Account Managers will optimise and enrich your solution by providing technical support, consultative workshops in conjunction with Google to leverage Google's technology to the fullest extent.



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Google Trusted Tester


OniGroup was selected by Google to be a member of its Global Trusted Tester Program for the Google Search Appliance due to our breadth and depth of experience with the technology. Due to our experience and contribution to the program we were awarded 3 out of the 16 awards globally.




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Enterprise Search

The data storage requirements in an organisation doubles every 18-24 months and more than 80% of this tends to be unstructured data. This makes finding information across multiple repositories a tedious, time consuming and frustrating task. Users are spending more time searching and/or recreating information rather than accessing existing learnings and data in order to build new knowledge and insights.

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Website Search

A company's digital presence is crucial as websites are the first point of contact with users and potential customers. Companies are applying vast amount of resources to draw users to their websites via SEO and Adwords, but once users have arrived onto your website, how easy is it for users to find what they are looking for?

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Google Cloud

Experience the familiarity of Google at work. Find out how your company can Go Google.



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