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A company's digital presence is crucial as websites are the first point of contact with users and potential customers. Companies are applying vast amount of resources to draw users to their websites via SEO and Adwords, but once users have arrived onto your website, how easy is it for users to find what they are looking for?

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Increase Conversions


If the search experience on your website is poor, over 85% users will abandon your site. Simplify site navigation with the Google Search Appliance to allow users to access information online through search. By providing users with a powerful search experience you will increase site engagement, provide users with fast, relevant, intuitive and actionable search results leading to increased conversions.

Improve Customer Support


More often than not, users will firstly try to find information online before contacting you directly. Utilise the Google Search Appliance to provide users with the capability to find relevant answers fast in order to answer their own support questions. By allowing users to easily find information online, user satisfaction with your website will increase and in turn will reduce the burden on resources such as call centres and support emails.

Analyse Behaviour


Track and understand how your users are interacting with your website. Analyse their behaviour to measure and review what users are searching for and understand what searches returned no results. The ability to evaluate search behaviour will provide further insight into the quality of content on websites as well as insight into what your users are interested in.


Actionable Results


Utitlising the features on the Google Search Appliance you are able to provide your users with actionable search results immediately from the results page. Providing actionable results reduces the number of clicks to conversion as well as increasing user satisfaction on your website. Create an effortless journey for your users from the moment they enter your website to conversion.

Measurable Results


With users relying more on search to find information the Google Search Appliance will be able to report on each query a user conducts, what search results they select, and more importantly queries that did not return any results. Capturing and analysing this information will provide you with a way to measure the quality of search results based on user’s queries.

Relevant Results


85% of searches run on individual websites do not return relevant results causing users to return to in order to run their searches. Use the Google Search Appliance that leverages the Google relevancy algorithms to provide fast relevant results and reduce bounce rates.

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