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Why OniGroup?

Formerly known as DMSBT, OniGroup have established ourselves as the Premier Partner of choice for Google Geo, Search, Cloud and Analytic Solutions as a result of our 100% specialised focus on Google technologies, longevity, and deployment track record. Through the continued success of our OniMap Platform, recent acquisitions and growth as a Premier Google Cloud Partner we have become a global entity with a presence across both the APAC and EMEA regions. We believe that OniGroup is the perfect representation of this exciting transition for the company. 





 “We are proud to provide this recognition to OniGroup, who has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to our customers throughout 2013.”

Mark Hodgson, Head of Global Partner Programs at Google

Google for Work Premier Partner

APAC Business Impact Award 2016



Google has awarded OniGroup the 2016 Regional Partner of the Year JAPAC for the second year running. This award showcases OniGroup's ability to help build and deploy valuable solutions to solve business challenges as well as our skills in supporting each client through our powerful Customer Success Program.



Google Maps

Utilise OniGroup's knowledge and experience as a Premier Partner to take Google Maps beyond a store locator. Our expertise includes licencing, support, development, architecture and product consultation to formulate a solution to help you increase sales, optimise use of resources and understand the value of data visualisation.



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Search for Work

Search for Work greatly improves the knowledge creation process by ensuring your users find the right information they’re searching for. The increased speed, accuracy and relevancy of search will not only save time and increase productivity, but also encourages users to actively search for new knowledge which is a great way to generate competitive advantage.



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Google Analytics

As websites are now the primary contact for your customers, understanding and anlysing how they interact with your website is important to understand each user’s journey online. Capturing every keystroke and click of a user is only the first step in analysing your users interactions in order to maximise the value of their visits.




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